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  • Rippel, Camila Gisel; Neiss, Ulisses G; del Palacio, Alejandro; Schröder, Noelia Malena; Fleck, Günther; Hamada, Neusa; Marti, Dardo Andrea; Schweigmann, Nicolás J (Magnolia Press, 2020-02)
    The larva of Zenithoptera lanei Santos, 1941 is described and illustrated based on three exuviae of reared larvae collected in Misiones, Argentina, Roraima and Amazonas, Brazil. A comparison with the larva of Z. anceps ...
  • Ronderos, Maria Marcela; Díaz, Florentina; Marino, Pablo Ignacio; Ferreira Keppler, Ruth; Hamada, Neusa; Rogers, D. Christopher; Thorp, James H (Elsevier Academic Press Inc, 2019)
    Ceratopogonidae is placed in the infraorder Culicomorpha. Their common names are polvorines, manta blanca, chaquistes or jejenes (common name shared with Simuliidae) in Spanish speaking countries; mosquito pólvora or maruim ...
  • Pessacq, Pablo; Muzon, Javier; Neiss, Ulisses Gaspar; Hamada, Neusa; Thorp, James; Rogers, Christopher (Elsevier Academic Press Inc, 2018)
    Odonata is a cosmopolitan and ubiquitous order of insects, represented in most aquatic environments by approximately 6,000 species, of which more than 1,700 occur in the Neotropical region. It is considered a monophyletic ...
  • Lozano, Federico; Muzon, Javier; Anjos Dos Santos, Danielle; Pessacq, Pablo; Hamada, Neusa; Thorp, James H; Rogers, D. Christopher (Elsevier Science, 2018)
    The Coenagrionidae in the Neotropics is represented by more than 650 species within 70 genera, of which 60 are endemic or mainly distributed in the Neotropical region (Garrison et al., 2010; Dijkstra et al., 2013). This ...

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